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Friday Funnies: Classic Miami/New York LOLHeat

It's been a week dominated by one story for the Heat. It's a high pressure time if you're a fan, worrying about the future of the franchise. There's no better time than now to launch my new feature, "The Friday Funnies." It'll often be a LOL-type of image, so if you like that, congrats! My first Funny is a nostalgic one. Think back to May 2, 1998. Bill Clinton was President. The Internet was emerging as the next great technology. Next topped the charts with "Too Close." And a certain diminutive head coach decided to wrap his arms around Alonzo Mourning's leg and our hearts. Van Gundy, take it away! [caption id="attachment_89" align="aligncenter" width="310" caption=" "] [/caption]