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Dwyane Wade and Alonzo Mourning ready to party!



Greetings all.  Just wanted to drop a quick post before shipping off.  For the next 7 days I'll be MIA, 'hijacked' by he family for a cruise...and unfortunately unable to get phone or internet.  I've got a cool series coming up next week on a valuable part of Heat history, and should any news break *caughIversoncaugh*, reinforcements are on stand-by. 

To back up what Zaslow said, it appears that the Heat and D-Wade are not going to be signing anything in the near future.  From quotes that have come out in the past week, it seemed that Wade was expecting for the Heat to be very aggressive:

"I have to look at it from a business decision and see what's best for myself and see what's best for the future," the 2009 NBA scoring leader said. "We're talking. I'm sure Coach Riley will call us one minute after the time he can and we'll go from there."

Well unless something has been scheduled in the past 24-hours ago that no one knows about, the only move the Heat will be making is a phone call.  Although I wouldn't put it past Pat Riley to be waiting in Wade's driveway with a nice balloon bouquet.

Zo's Summer Groove will end today with the main event, the 'big game' down at the AAA.  Anybody going?  One of my big 'to-do' list things is to go to one of those games, but there always seems to be something happening that keeps me from it.  I've heard lots of good things, and if any of you have a good story or anything to add, please feel free.

Here is a little information about Daequan Cook's injured right shoulder.  Basically, its still not better.  Oh, but if you wan to read about what Daequan is doing off the court for the better of our community, then read on

Have a great week everyone!!!