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Miami Heat off-season odyssey continues...Old and Busted: Allen Iverson - New Hotness: Carlos Boozer

Dwyane Wade is doing so much lobbying, he should move to Washington, D.C. He's made his intentions known that he wants to play for a winner now, and in his down time it appears that he is working his hardest to make it happen. Allen Iverson was the hot name for about a week, but the newest name to emerge in Extreme Makeover: Heat Edition is power forward Carlos Boozer. It's been bandied about for years, and I mentioned it more than two weeks ago, but it appears Boozer may be the topic of trade talks. The Jazz are swimming in bills and the Heat have expiring contracts to go around. Here's the problem that has been brought up about trading for Boozer. He is about a pure of a power forward there is. Doesn't sound like a problem until you consider that the Heat already have a power forward in Michael Beasley and need someone who can drop down into the center position. Carlos Boozer doesn't fit that role. And are the Heat ready to part ways with Beasley, or significantly cut his playing time? Unless the Jazz offer the theoretical "offer you can't refuse," I don't see it happening. The other problem with getting Boozer is it a pipe-to-the-kneecap to any 2010 hopes. Once next summer rolls around, the Heat are going to have more cap space than they'll know what to do with (unless the salary cap plummets like crazy like the NBA projects). Do they want to commit to staying out of the 2010 race for Carlos Boozer, when they could roll the dice and get him next year without giving anything up? Does Carlos Boozer=Chris Bosh? This is not an Allen Iverson situation, which would likely only take up one year and cost the team very little in the grand scheme of things. A Boozer deal will keep him in the AmericanAirlines Arena for years to come for a much higher price. If anything is to happen, I wouldn't expect it this month. Riley is still doing his dance with Wade and crafting a deal like that will take a little time. And now Lamar Odom's a player of interest? I can't keep up!