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Miami Heat apparently become garage sale customer, even though warning of action came almost two weeks ago

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The media covering the Heat have taken notice of their actions this week...or should I say, their lack thereof. "NBA free agency has Miami Heat on sideline at start," says Ira Winderman. "Amid many moves, Heat remain patient," says Tim Reynolds. "Miami Heat looking for bargains as free agency begins," says Michael Wallace, as though there's a free agency Wal-Mart. Three different news organizations over four days basically reported the same story. That's not abnormal for three writers on the same beat, but it is odd to write these stories considering what is happening is exactly what Pat Riley said he would do 13 days ago. He drew the line, now he's either got to stay on his side of it or risk losing his barganing leverege with Dwyane Wade. The news isn't the truck that's not on fire. There's a big difference between whether I think Riley should take this course and whether it's a good idea. As I said, he's made his bed and now he has to sleep in it. As for it being a good idea, not so much. He's maintained an open stance with Flash, but now appears to be hamstrung in actually improving the team. What if D-Wade doesn't resign? Will he let the entire offseason go by without making one free agent aquisition? The entire top half of the Eastern Conference either improved by addition or will improve by injured members returning, and the only thing the Heat can point to is retaining Jamario Moon and getting Pat Beverley (yes, it's Pat now. The NBA does that kind of thing; ask Jason Williams and Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor). It may be the right play to keep the franchise player, but it's selling the fans and other players down the river for a season. Maybe it's the right choice for everyone involved, but it could approach an "Splitting the Baby" situation if the "Judgement of Solomon" doesn't come. And nobody wants a split baby. Overtime: 40% off some Heat gear in the team store; fellas, stock up on those Baby Doll Tanks before they run out. Double Overtime: Check this video of Pat Riley explaining his motivating tactics of Dwyane Wade. Hint: it involved texting and size changes. Creepy or genius? Riles walks the line: