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Heat re-sign center Joel Anthony


Monday the Heat announced they re-signed center Joel Anthony, but terms of the deal were not disclosed.  You have to figure its a 1-year deal worth something like $900,000. 

Anthony will be a solid back-up center, as long as we don't require much offense from the guy.  He guards the pain well and is a blocking machine on D, but has some of the hardest hands I've seen, often dropping passes while standing under the rim.  But hopefully Jermaine O'Neal will come back strong and healthy, then we'd have a fairly formidable rotation of big guys.

And remember, the Heat still have until Friday to match the Cavs offer to Jamario Moon, but that still looks doubtful.  Reports are that the offer is a 2-year deal worth around $2 million per year...!  If that's the case, there is no way the Heat will match.  Not for $2 mil a season, and not when its on the books for next summer.