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Through the Net: July 30, 2009

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I've been in the process of moving this week, and Lamar Odom has dominated the the news, so until there's a big change, don't expect much until next week. A thousand apologies. Feel free to add your own content in the comments! Cleveland Plain-Dealer - New Cleveland Cavaliers forward Jamario Moon happy to play alongside LeBron James instead of against him: Surprise! Jamario Moon is heading to the Cavaliers and sucking up to LeBron James. No hard feelings, although it'll be tough to get a guy on the team with a better name than Jamario Moon. Can Barkevious Mingo play in the post? Washington Post - Southeast Gets Tougher if Odom Joins Heat: WaPo's Michael Lee LOVES the Heat getting Odom. I think that he likes this move more than anyone else I've read or talked to. I think Odom's a great move, but also has some potential pitfalls. Someone throw a bucket of cold water on that guy. - Source: Lakers reduce offer for Odom: Marc Stein's reporting on the negotiation. I'm not a GM or anything, but if you're trying to keep a guy, reducing the amount of money you offer to him surely can't help matters much. Lakers still are probably offering more than the Heat can, plus factor in Florida's nonexistent state income tax, and the game might be leveling. ABS-CBN News - Miami Heat's Pinoy coach inspires RP (Republic of Philippines) youth: Very cool story about Erik Spoelstra visiting his homeland as a representative of the U.S. State Department holding a sports clinic. It's a very interesting thing that the Heat has the first Asian/Filipino American head coach of any major North American professional sports team. Associated Press - Heat's Wade pressed by multiple lawsuits: Apparently The Network doesn't report on civil lawsuits, but that doesn't prevent linking! It's a very detailed explanation of the lawsuit on Dwyane Wade after his proposed restaurant chain failed to get off the ground. It's a pretty messy, and underreported, situation.