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Through the Net: July 6, 2009

Hope everyone had an awesome 4th of July and celebrated this crazy-awesome country's 233rd birthday. Now that you're about to pop from too much red meat and blueberry pie, let's get down to bidness: Miami Herald - Home school on the agenda this summer for Miami Heat's young players: Clearly Pat Riley saw this bit of news on Friday, as the Heat are one of only three teams without some type of Summer Camp presence. It's a stay-cation type of summer for the Heat as the kids are forced to stay in Miami. What a terrible life; being forced to stay in Miami. If the public face of the move is true, it could either be really good or terribly short-sighted once February rolls around. If the possible backstory is true (financial concerns), it could be a long year for Heat fans. Miami Herald - Miami Heat has contacted Iverson and Artest, insiders say: If what I talked about in my last post is true, that contacting Allen Iverson and Ron Artest is certainly not a way to show it. Artest already has his all-Universe player and contract locked up, but Iverson is still dangling off the free-agency tree. If he's really ready to come off the bench, then maybe it could work, but to me it sounds like an idea that works really well on paper and falls flat in practice. The team's focus right now absolutely has to be on the development of the bigs. Allen Iverson is a large man, but not as large as the Heat really need. - Fil-Am NBA head coach to visit RP: Nothing directly related to actually basketball here, but Erik Spoelstra will be visiting the Philippines as an envoy representing the U.S. State Department. A Filipino-American (Fil-Am) himself, Spoelstra will be visiting as part of the Sports Envoy Program, which brings luminaries in sport around the world. Cal Ripken is one of the better-known participants in the program, and now Spoelstra will return to his homeland and spread the basketball gospel. As a bonus, check out the end where the article turns to praise-heaping. Fun stuff. Just as a heads-up, be sure to be here Friday morning (why wouldn't you be here; you visit every morning, right?) when I'll roll out a new feature called the "Friday Funnies." Yup, I'm a fan of alliteration. I can't release any more details, but it'll be a good way to get through the last workday of the week. Set your alarms, tell your friends and make all necessary preparations.