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Through the Net: July 8, 2009

Miami Herald - Miami Heat's Dwyane Wade warns about the risks of waiting: Barry Jackson (who knows what you had for breakfast last Friday) covers all the angles of the Wade/Riley stuff, but something else piqued my interest in his Heat-heavy "Florida Sports Buzz" column:
[Isiah] Thomas had interest in Tim Hardaway for his coaching staff but said Hardaway will need to complete his college degree to be considered. "I've known Tim since he was 14," Thomas said. "We've got to help him get his degree so he can go out in the world and find a job."
Look, I know Hardaway will always be known as a Heat great, but here's a bit of advice for Isiah Thomas. The new guy accused of sexual harassment should probably do his best to stay away from the guy who slandered the GBLT community. You're racking up a lot of enemies with just two seats on the bench. Miami Herald - Allen Iverson says Pat Riley, Dwyane Wade would make Miami Heat `great situation': Has AI heard anything over the last month? Kidding of course, as Iverson wants it to be known he would be interested in making the climate shift from Detroit to Miami (who wouldn't?). I've mentioned before I think it could clutter the backcourt for Miami, but if you can get the right price and the right number of years (one perhaps?), it never hurts to double your amount of superstars. South Florida Sun-Sentinel - Announcement of 2009-10 NBA luxury tax has Heat on edge: The headline is a little misleading, as the Heat aren't on edge awaiting the announcement but literally on the edge of the tax. Miami has 98.3% of the current salary cap level on the roster, meaning if they take anyone of any significance before the start of the season, they'll have to pay up dollar-for-dollar. That could add up pretty quickly, and with uncertainty looming in season ticket sales, the team will avoid paying at all costs.