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Through the Net: August 12, 2009

Still with limited Internet availability, so don't expect too much this week. Hopefully, I'll be back to full strength until Friday. In the meantime, it's iPhone blogging. Everytime you see a misspelling an angel gets it's wings! South Florida Sun-Sentinel - Miami Heat 2nd-round pick Robert Dozier signs to play in Greece: I think in the long term, the Lure of Europe story won't be the Josh Childress' of the world, but players like Dozier, who I really liked as a prospect. It was easy for Greek teams to poach Americans before the economic collapse, but now with a return to somewhat of a norm, the Europeans will move for the younger players with more developmental potential. I expect Dozier to be back sooner rather than later. Miami Herald - Allen Iverson would give Miami Heat three stages of grief: I rarely agree with Israel Gutierrez, but he has this one down pat. The talks of acquiring Allen Iverson reek of desperation, and could lead to a multitude of problems. For those of you whoclamor for The Answer, think first of what question he'll be resolving.