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Heat acquire Quentin Richardson from Timberwolves for Mark Blount

The Miami Heat announced that they have acquired swingman Quentin Richardson from the Minnesota Timberwolves in exchange for center Mark Blount.  This is the 4th time this summer that Richardson has been moved (started in NY, traded to Memphis, then the Clippers, then the Timberwolves).

Richardson is a career 40% shooter (35% from 3) who can add some needed scoring to the Heat.  His 11.5 points and 5 rebounds a game over his 9 year NBA career will be welcome to the Heat bench, although he could possibly be in the mix to start at small forward if Michael Beasley doesn't make the transformation.   He isn't a terrible defender, and gives Miami options at either the 2 or the 3.

Richardson is set to make $9.3 million this coming season while Blunt will make $7.9 mil.

This is a great move for the Heat, if for no other reason then that we are trading a player who we would've rarely used for someone who will likely get at least 15 minutes a game.  I've liked him a lot in the past, especially during his Phoenix Suns days. 

Another interesting thing about this move is that Richardson is close friends and workout partners with Dwyane Wade and Dorell Wright.  It's never a bad thing when there is already a camaraderie between players after someone joins a new squad. 

Richardson played in 72 games last year, logging 26.3 minutes a game.  He shot 39% from the field and 36% from beyond the arc, scoring 10.2 ppg and grabbing 4.4 boards.  The rebound total was the only thing off from his career averages, which has him snaring 5.0 rpg. 

The quick take on Quentin is that he's a guy who will look amazing one night and disappear the next.  Still, any way you look at it, Miami is making a huge upgrade on their bench.  Another great, if not easy, move by Pat Riley.