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What does Quentin Richardson bring to the table?

So the deal is done, Mark Blount is out and Quentin Richardson is the Miami Heat's newest swingman. The move seems to have been greeted with widespread disinterest. But is the move being underplayed just a little bit? As I said last night, this deal isn't exactly getting Dwyane Wade to sign on the dotted line tomorrow. Richardson isn't the top-flight kind of player that an Odom or Boozer is. However, he's not exactly chopped liver. He compares very favorably with the man he was traded for. From the excellent Basketball Reference, Richardson averaged 13.9 points and 6.1 rebounds last year with the Knicks per 36 minutes of playing time. That compares favorably with Blount's 13.7 and 1.6 last season with the Heat. Richardson is also five years younger than Blount and can swing out and play guard. He's not exactly the worst three-point shooter in the world when he does so, shooting right around the league average and better than most swingmen in the league. The other aspect he does bring is the ability to eat minutes. While he had injury issues while in New York, he shook those off for the most part last season, playing 26.3 minutes in 72 games. Blount played 10.4 minutes in only 20 games. So, in short, not a game changer per se, but definitely an upgrade for the Heat. They still have a lot of work to do to be a serious contender, but Q is overall a not-too-shabby pick-up.