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Through the Net: August 17, 2009

South Florida Sun-Sentinel - Wade learning how to play the game: Ira Winderman takes a look at an interview Dwyane Wade granted to the New York Times. Long story short: Remember that whole "You better fix the team or I'm out" thing? The thing that kicked Pat Riley in the hindquarters and almost led to Odom-Boozer '09? Yeah, maybe not so much. Miami Herald - Tim Hardaway bonds with son on, off the court: Izzy Gutierrez tells the story of father and son growing together. Definitely a good read, but it's still hard to see Tim's name and not think "I hate Gay people." That's a rough stigma to wash off. Yahoo! Sports - Free agent Jamaal Tinsley still talking to Heat: I haven't really commented on Tinsley because I doubt highly he'll ever play in a Heat uniform, but by God it's August and we gotta talk about something. My take? Not a great fit for either party, and Miami has already set a player limit. Like I said, don't bet on it happening.