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Allen Iverson close to signing with....who?

As was posted earlier, Allen Iverson has been actively twittering away over the past few days, and his latest posts lead to believe that he is on the brink of signing with a team.  Which team?  That's a good question.  There is a good chance that he'll end up in either New York, Charlotte or Miami as they are the teams he has been linked to over the past couple months. 

At what point do we sent out a big 'thank you' to Twitter, as they have given us a new way to communicate and get information directly from professional athletes.  Here is the latest to come from Iverson:

"My people just informed me that we are getting close to a deal. I asked them to call me when its done. I am so ready to know!" said a post on Iverson's Twitter account late Wednesday morning.  The next post, 18 minutes later, said, "I have not been this eager with anticipation since the night before the NBA Draft in 96. Then I knew where I was going, now I want to know."

The main thing to keep in mind here is that Miami is already over next seasons luxury tax (by over $3 million), so whatever they sign Iverson for, the Heat would owe double (half to Iverson, half to the NBA).  Is Micky Arison prepared to take that kinda hit to his wallet in order to bring in Allen Iverson?  I'm sure that's a question he's been asked very recently if it's the Heat that Iverson does end up with.  Apparently, we're going to find out soon...