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Announcing the all new Hot Hot Hoops podcast! Listen now!

I'm pleased to announce the inagural edition of the Hot Hot Hoops podcast. I imagine this little show as a free conversation that focuses mostly on the Miami Heat, but touches on different topics around the Association and in the news in general. My first guest is good friend, fellow University of Miami Class of '09 graduate and NBA fanatic Peter Saroufim, who you've likely seen commenting around here. He's the one who doesn't use CAPS LOCK. Check it out, I think you'll like it. We discuss Quentin Richardson, Allen Iverson and the Heat's offseason strategy. [podcast][/podcast] Just in case you're curious, the Allen Iverson press conference mentioned in the podcast can be found below. And I was off with Q's rebounding numbers; the career average is five, not six. Consider this your Friday Funnies for today, as we have a pretty hilarious topic at the end involving Rick Pitino.