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Michael Beasley's stay in rahab was planned


Another interesting development in the Michael Beasley saga, as now it comes out that he was scheduled for weeks to attend the Houston-area rehab clinic. This stems back to Beasley's violation during last summers rookie transition program.

Beasley has been in Houston for at least the past two weeks to work out, attend counseling sessions and undergo clinical treatment to help him cope with stress and substance-abuse issues, multiple sources said Tuesday.

I don't get it. Why is his dad sending out messages saying to pray for his son and that he needs help? Where is the communication? Why was this allowed to go on for days with everyone thinking that Beasley had just checked himself into rehab after making very distressing remarks on his now deleted Twitter page?

So now, barring any unforeseen setbacks, Beasley should be available for the beginning of Heat training camp on September 28th. I'll leave you with a message send out by Dwyane Wade via his Twitter page:

dwadefficial- Everyone say a prayer for our lil brother,but please don't judge the man. we all make mistakes,beas i'm here if you need anything fam