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Quentin Richardson: Getting to know him through YouTube


Those of you who read this blog regularly know that I'm a fan of technology.  Twitter has become one of my best friends; the information that I get from my 'feed' (whatever the tweets from the people I follow are called) is amazing.  The idea that you can get information, direct responses to whatever may be going on, really anything, all from the actual source you want to hear from.  Meaning, we can get updates on our favorite teams by following their beat writers and we can get daily updates on what our favorite athletes are doing or feeling straight from the source.

I'm also a fan of video sites like YouTube.  I love watching videos and highlights online, and sometimes I share them with you all.  Well, today is one of those days.  Follow the jump to find a few videos of the newest member of the Heat, Quentin Richardson.  The first is just a basic mix; you can see some of what he brings to the table.  The second is his final round performance in the 2005 3-point shootout, which he won, barely beating out Kyle Korver.  The final video is Q and D-Wade.  I'll leave it at that...