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The self-satisfying Tim James post you can't say no to!

I'm going to start off the week with a story I'm just in love with. A great story told well is impossible to pass up, and the Miami Herald's Dan LeBatard had a gem in yesterday's paper. Former University of Miami and Miami Heat forward Tim James was looking for a post-athletic career and found it in the unlikeliest of locales -- in the Middle East, serving in the United States Army. It's an amazing act of service for anyone to sign up for the Army. And for someone like James, who's used to the high life of professional athletics, to sign up for the job is pretty remarkable. As a Cane, this story just tickles me pink. As you may or may not know, UM doesn't have the best reputation around the country. The reputation is incredibly overblown, but the school has been branded "Thug U." Tim's service allows us all to be proud, but provides Canes fans a great role model to follow and point to as a great example. The Heat play a big part in this story too. With their HOME Strong program, the organization has always had a commitment to the Armed Forces, and the support they've shown James comes through in the profile. From the personal DVD to a box full of schwag sent to his fellow servicemen, the team is really going all-out for a guy who played very little for them. Let me tell you one thing; I want to be there the night James comes back to the AAA. Now that's not a bad way to start the week, is it?