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Taking a closer look at the Miami Heat's 2009-2010 schedule

The schedule is officially out and everyone is buzzing. Two notable things for me on the Heat schedule. First, as I mentioned in the first post, the Heat remain in the Holiday seat, traveling to Madison Square Garden to take on the Knicks. Does anyone else think it's odd that Miami has turned into the Detroit Lions, playing on the same holiday every year? Why exactly did this tradition start? A little enlightenment would be greatly appreciated. The second hot-button discussion is the dreaded back-to-back. Miami has 18 this year, falling towards the bottom of the pack. The Eastern Conference has 309 total back-to-backs, compared to 295 in the Western. Those late-season back-to-backs seem to always drag a team down. Miami has seven of them after the All-Star Break on the weekend of Feb. 14, so they get the most of them out of the way in the first half. Just be thankful you're not a fan of Charlotte, Chicago or Detroit who have 23 on the season. What game are you looking forward to? What game do you dread? Are you postponing gifts until Dec. 26 so you can travel to MSG? What do you think? Take a look at the calendar below and flip through.