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Through the Net: Aug. 6, 2009

Miami Herald - Miami Heat's Pat Riley says roster likely will remain same: No surprises as Riley basically says we're dancing with what brung us, reassuring Mario Chalmers of his top spot and stating that the team is content to move forward without any major additions. Dwyane Wade could not be reached for comment, as he was busy throwing himself off the top of the AAA into Biscayne Bay. Haarets - What's in a name? / Haifa sheds 'Heat' in deference to Miami: Maccabi Haifa have been referring to themselves as the "Heat" for a few years now, and owner/Miami resident Jeffrey Rosen is changing all that as the team seeks to create its own identity (read: avoid a big-ol' lawsuit). I swear to G-d, if I see "חם חם Hoops" sprout up over in the Holy Land, I'm going to be pissed. Miami Herald - Miami Heat's Udonis Haslem will visit Jamaica on goodwill mission: I always like to end with the uplifting story, and this one has all the pieces. Athlete who returned to glory travels abroad to spread his message. Don't you just feel all warm and tingly? Just check it out.