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Happy New Year...Heat end 2009 with back to back losses

Happy New Year everyone!!  Just a short recap today as the New Year is ringing between my ears, as I'm sure it is with most of you.  It was tough to end 2009 on such a low note after playing so well in the weeks leading up, but we still have a very talented roster that should provide us with some fun and excitement while we patiently wait for the summer shopping spree to roll around. 

Michael Beasley was out to prove that he absolutely should have gotten way more then the six seconds he played in the 4th quarter against the Hornets the night before, scoring 14 points on 7-of-10 shooting in the first 8:42 of the game.  Unfortunately, he was pretty much the only player to get anything going against the Spurs

From that point on the game went from bad to worse very quickly, and I'll admit that my attention went more towards the new years festivities and less towards the TV.  Let's just put this one behind us and look forward to lots of positives coming from this team in the not so distant future. 


  • The Heat mustered up 29 points in the 2nd half.  The Spurs scored 28 points in the 3rd quarter alone. 
  • Miami has played in four back-to-back situations this season, with a whopping 1-7 record in those eight games. 
  • D-Wade finished with a season high 7 turnovers.  While Beasley was hot in the 1st half, the offense still ran through Wade in the 2nd quarter.  Not the best of moves...
  • While its nice that the Heat coaching staff is finally getting Daequan Cook some meaningful minutes, it may be too little too late.  He played 23 minutes against the Spurs and missed 7 of his 9 shots.  His minutes have increased in each of the last 4 games, but his shooting has not improved.  He's 4-for-20 in that span (2-for-9 from beyond the arc), good for 10 total points in about 17 minutes/game. 
  • The Heat took 4 free throws in the 1st half, all by Wade.  The 4 attempts and 2 conversions were both season lows for the Heat. 

Next up for the Heat is an afternoon showdown with division rival Charlotte.  (Sure...they're a division rival, right?) Tipoff from the AAA is at 3:30.  At least there is no late afternoon Sunday game this weekend to compete with football.