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Worse than a New Year's hangover: Miami Heat take a San Antonio-style beating, lose to Spurs

You ever wake up after a night of hard drinking and everything's a blur? You think something horrible's happened, but you can't quite put the pieces together? Well, it's New Year's Day, and I'm betting that many of you are sharing that experience with the Miami Heat. So, why not play along? No one really likes losing. Whether you play Texas Holdem, basketball, American football or chess, you usually hope to win. No matter who you are playing, the idea of defeat is never appealing. Of course, no one can win all the time but everyone wants to believe that they can! Some might call that positive thinking, others might call is wishful or deluded. Well... It can sometimes be even harder when a favorite team loses. The only thing that can make the feeling worse is when a favorite team loses to a team you know they should have beaten easily. It happens to the best of them. Perhaps it was an off day, or some important player was injured, or just plain old bad luck. You can't always explain it. You can only hope that it never happens again! Nothing happened last night. San Antonio celebrated on the River Walk, Miami watched the Big Orange: climb up the side of the Hotel InterContinental, and that was all. This, you ask? I know not of what you speak.
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