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Miami Heat get just what it needs, beat the Golden State Warriors, 115-102

For my post on supporting Haiti and its recovery, please click HERE. It's a more well known concept in boxing and other forms of fighting, but when someone is rusty or in need of a win, they find themselves a "Tomato Can." Someone that can, usually, be beaten fairly easily. Think of it as a slumpbuster. Well, tonight for the Heat, the Golden State Warriors were that Tomato Can slumpbuster: I'm not going to go into great length, because it's a West Coast game and it's almost 2 a.m. for God's sakes. However, I will note a few things. • I wish my right wrist was sprained. Dwyane Wade grimaced a few times, but 35 points speaks for themselves. As always, when he does well, the team tends to do well. When he doesn't, you have the Utah game. • I really enjoyed Rafer Alston's style of play. I feel like I may have come off as anti-Rafer in my previous posts about him when I'm really not. I just think he got a bit too much hype after one game. His numbers were worse in this game, but I have to agree with his defenders who reached out to me that he has a certain defensive intensity about him that's nice to see from a point guard. I would also like to point out, however, that my main man Super Nintendo Chalmers was on pace for 15 assists and a double-double. I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'. • So did the Heat guarantee Carlos Arroyo's contract out of an act of charity? He's gotten six minutes in four games since the Heat picked up Rafer Alston, and you can argue that based on Arroyo's steady performance this year, he's the best option to start. We'll see what happens next, in another episode of "As the Point Guards Turn." • Jermaine O'Neal is a man. You have to be satisfied with what Jermaine O'Neal has delivered thus far this year, especially considering his injury-prone nature. I really feel like he's playing to prove something (clichéd, I know) every time he steps on the court. I want guys like that. • Golden State shouldn't be that bad. They've been unfairly racked by injuries, but if they had a full compliment of players, I think they'd be great to watch. I remember Don Nelson's squad's amazing playoff run over the Mavericks being such fun to watch, and I hope they find their way back again. I guess that's it for the takeaway for now. Sleep tight, Heat fans, and don't worry about falling asleep at work tomorrow at 12:30 p.m. No one will notice.