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Through The Net: January 18, 2010

Miami-Herald: Lebron, Bosh, and All the Rest After reading some of Mike Wallace's reports from the Miami Herald as well as some other Heat-related articles, let's round up some of the options the Heat has to look forward to. The talk from the Miami Heat "insiders" is that Miami has 2 items on their to-do list for the upcoming offseason.
    1.) Re-Sign the franchise (aka Dwyane Wade)
    2.) Find a way to get LeBron James to don the Black and Red.
However, Miami is not willing to wait around and miss opportunities to sign other top-tier free agents and resigning Wade remains the top priority. Sources also are saying if Toronto’s Chris Bosh or Phoenix’s Amar'e Stoudemire gave Miami a definite yes, that Miami might ask them to wait in an attempt to land Lebron, sign one of them, as well as Wade. If they able to snag any of those 3 free agents, Miami is fairly confident in its ability to resign Wade. Miami is projected to have somewhere between $17 and $22 million in cap space to resign Wade to a max contract as well as sign a player to another max contract, but not a third. Dwyane is free to agree to a deal July 1st but cannot sign until July 7th and the Heat fear that if they don’t make the right moves they could lose arguably the best player in Heat history. The odds of LeBron and Wade teaming up are huge but you can bet both have talked at length about the possibilities. However great the odds are, the Heat organization and its fans must ask – how can they pass up on the chance of signing 3 of the league’s top players? They have got to try. Otherwise the options include… Dirk Nowitzki, Paul Pierce, Kobe Bryant, Yao Ming, and Kenyon Martin are all expected to stay put with their current teams. Joe Johnson, Michael Redd, Ray Allen, and Manu Ginobli play the same position as Wade and the Heat aren’t expected to try and slide any of them to the point. As pointed out in one of my last ‘Through The Nets’, Carlos Boozer isn’t exactly on the radar anymore, no matter how much he’d love to sign with Miami, because Beasley has shown significant improvements playing at the 4 spot. As also noted in a previous post, a back-up plan also consists of trying to sign Rudy Gay or put a package together for a trade for the Memphis forward. If Wade resigns and none of the aforementioned players sign with Miami the leftovers include: Marcus Camby, Tracy McGrady, Al Harrington, David Lee, Raymond Felton, Nate Robinson, Travis Outlaw, Steve Blake, Brad Miller, Mike Miller, Peja Stojakovic, Brendan Haywood, Tyson Chandler, John Salmons and Channing Frye. (Dallas has an $11.8 million team option on Josh Howard.) So with all that in mind, the Heat has options and can always opt for trades, sign and trades, or even make a major move before the current seasons trade deadline, because you know Pat Riley always has the Ace up his sleeve. The Heat went ahead and already made one move this year, trading Chris Quinn up north to join the woeful New Jersey Nets and signing Rafer Alston, but many are starting to believe that it won’t be the last move they make as the Heat keep trying to avoid the luxury tax this season, as Miami currently has a $2.5 million tax bill. Make no mistake the Heat, who has a bevy of expiring contracts, wants to trade a low salary player to a team already below the cap, which could absorb the deal with no need of sending a player to Miami in exchange. It’s important to note that the league gives those under the luxury tax $4.4 million rebate from the tax fund which has proved important to the recently frugal Miami organization. Pat Riley has reminded fans and reporters alike,
"…It’s a $7 million swing. That’s nothing to sneeze at."
Some see Dorell Wright as the best bet as he has a $2.9 million salary and if he could be moved it would eliminate the tax burden. Wright has played very well and provided a nice offensive spark off the bench in recent games so that leaves other low salary players (and recent bench warmers) such as Daequan Cook, Carlos Arroyo, and Jamaal Magloire as bait for possible deals. The team would like to move James Jones, who has gone from playoff starter to inactive in a matter of months, but the three years remaining on his deal make it difficult. Pat Riley may have to give up a draft pick or cash in order to make any deal a possibility, it depends on the deal and how bad the organization wants the wins. With roughly a month until the trade deadline, the waiting game continues…. Until then, continue to check back here at Hot Hot Hoops for the latest on any Heat moves. Which players or what would you like to see the Heat try and do?