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I DON'T UNDERSTAND!!! Miami Heat get debacled by Charlotte Bobcats, 104-65

I've said it before and I'll say it once again: I don't get this team. I've kind-of rationalized their inconsistency, but some of it is still baffling. Miami was coming off a home win where they blew out the Indiana Pacers by 30 points. The team is all rested up and rearing for the next challenge, right? Nope. Instead, they put on one of the five worst shooting performances in franchise history, all the while letting Charlotte score as though point differential had no bearing on their lives. I don't mean to disparage Charlotte, which has a solid foundation and a coach of the year candidate, but unless Michael Jordan comes out of the box and loses 15 years, the Charlotte Bobcats should not beat the Miami Heat by 39 points. I'll leave you with Coach Erik Spoelstra's very good take:
"We have a very, very, very ugly side to us and it reared its face. It was not a professional performance at all.''