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Game #42: Miami Heat (21-20) vs. Washington Wizards (14-27)

As the Heat begin the second half of the season, you could say they have nowhere to go but up.  Stuck inside the shell of a team that is drenched in mediocrity and inconsistency is a very talented group of players that for whatever reason, cant get their stuff together.  Coming off of a top-10 franchise loss, the Heat now have the opportunity to continue their inconsistent streak and get a win in a building they've seen some recent success. 

Mike Beasley's latest comments:

"It's in our heads.  Some games we want to, some games we don't. Some games we've got all the energy in the world. Some games, we just don't. I think if we stay consistent, there's no limit on how far we can go this season."

That's what is so frustrating about this team. They can be good.  Damn good.  But nobody has any clue how to control when it shows.  That is why there is going to be more and more attention paid to Erik Spoelstra.  Why wouldn't it come down on the coach, especially when the team has shown how good they can be?  I don't think his job is in jeopardy just yet; Pat Riley will likely give him a chance to drive the team they put together this summer and see how he does with that. 


  • The Heat have won 3-straight games at the Verizon Center
  • They are also 2-5 on the 1st night of back-to-backs
  • This will be Washington's 10th game without star Gilbert Arenas.  They are 3-6 so far without him. 
  • Randy Foye has been really good since taking over for Arenas.  Don't be surprised by how well he'll look against our PG's. 

Tipoff at 7 from D.C.  Not much else to say, except I hope they don't play like crap tonight.