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Miami Heat again show they're just good enough to lose to the best, fall to the Cleveland Cavaliers, 92-91

God it's infuriating. You never want to see your team blow out, but after a game like that, you'd take the trouncing. Mami never let it get out of control, nor never get overwhelmed by LeBron. They played with intensity, and when Dwyane Wade went frigid in the second half, other players picked it up. But clear criticism remains. What the hell exactly was that last shot? It was Dwyane Wade one-on-one with LeBron James, arguably one of the games' best defenders and a much larger gentlemen. Under normal circumstances that would be a bit of a challenge for Dwyane Wade. But when you've watched him miss shot after shot, including two straight free throws that would have pretty much salted the game, don't you have a responsibility to take the ball out of his hand? The worst part is the play itself. After the inbounds, the rest of the team virtually stood still. Stuck to their positions on the court. It wasn't D-Wade making a play; that was the call that was drawn up in the huddle. Get it to Dwyane, have four guys look at him, wait for shot. I just don't get it. Now, if you've read this blog, I'm not the guy who rips on the coaching staff. Plenty of people who read this blog do. But I try to remain pretty positive, realizing what this team has and the unique circumstances they're playing under this season. Tat's why I don't criticize who Erik Spoelstra puts on the court when. That's why I don't criticize when Dwyane Wade sits out and for how long. But I'll let it be known that I think after such a tough, hard-fought game, that play call was downright awful. So it's just another might-have-been. Kobe dashed the hearts of Heat fans once. Rajon Rondo did it again a few weeks later. This time, however, I think the wounds were largely self-inflicted. And when the final story is written on the season, games like this will stick out from the page. So it's on to Toronto to start a three-game road trip, as we start to leak into February and the games become just a little bit more important. Positioning in the playoffs will start to be a topic of discussion, and if Miami keeps missing opportunities like this, their road is going to be that much harder come April. Hey, at least it wasn't another blowout.