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Game #46: Miami Heat (23-22) vs. Detroit Pistons (15-29)

Despite losing two games in a row, I feel like overall the Heat have been playing better.  For the most part, it comes down to the starters because our bench is very hit and miss.  Udonis Haslem has been our best bench player/shooter, but he has been seriously struggling of late.  Without Haslem as a constant shooting threat, who off our bench can we rely on to score? 

When I go down the list, it takes me all the way to the bottom of the bench.  Since losing the starting job, Carlos Arroyo has barely seen any action but has hit his shots when given the chance.  9-of-13 in the 4 games he's played; that's 69.2%.  Unfortunately, Erik Spoelstra has repeatedly backed Mario Chalmers despite his poor play.  The question is, what will it take for our coach to finally make that move? 

Contrary to his post-game comments, Michael Beasley may not play tonight.  Right now he is listed as doubtful and will be a game-time decision.  That basically means if someone from the bench doesn't step up and HIT their shots, our reserves will get dominated the way they did in Toronto.  The Raptors didn't have any crazy good bench players, they just played efficiently.  In the meantime, our reserves put up brick after brick, and it's those big scoring gaps that cost Miami the game.


  • Miami is in danger of dropping back to .500 after getting three games above the mark just 3 games ago. 
  • Detroit is at the end of a 5-game homestand.  After starting it off with a big win over Boston, the Pistons have dropped three straight. 
  • Did you remember that Ben Gordon was on the Pistons?  He has been out of the lineup for a few weeks and will likely miss his 9th straight game tonight with a hurt groin. 
  • The Pistons are 2-14 when allowing their opponent to score 100 or more points. 
  • This is the first of three games this season between the two teams.  Miami will visit Detroit once more, and the Pistons will make just one visit to the AAA.

Tipoff from the Palace in Detroit (it really just looks like a building, not even an arena) is set for 8pm.  It will be interesting playing the Pistons now that Ben Wallace is back.  The guy I disliked from that team the most is playing in Boston now, so that works for me.