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A new feature: WANT - Harold Miner jersey

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Welcome to WANT, your Friday connection to stuff you'll want to buy as a Miami Heat fan. The item selected for WANT is in no way affiliated with Hot Hot Hoops, but just an item you'll probably find interesting. After scouring the internet, here's what will leave you saying "WANT": Vintage Harold Miner Miami Heat Jersey Oh yes. What better way to start off WANT than an old-school replica of the number 32 jersey of "Baby Jordan." Harold Miner won the dunk contest twice, remaining the only player in franchise history to win the competition. It's the number he wore for the large majority of his time at Miami Arena (he spent some of the 1995 season wearing number four). Sure, he never averaged more than 22 minutes per game during his career, but he remains a niche part of Heat history. Plus, it's a lot more impressive than a Yakhouba Diawara jersey. As of 1:30 a.m. this morning, there was one bid for this eBay auction, with the price at $8.95 American. There's about three and a half days left, so if you want this piece of franchise history, make your move.