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A mixed bag of a weekend actually works out fine for the Miami Heat

(Ed. Note: This was supposed to publish this morning. My website turned on me. CURSES!) So it's been a pretty retched week to be the Heat. The team has lost three out of four games, suffered a number of injuries and fallen to eighth place in the conference. It's not a great place to be. Maybe I'm a rose-colored glasses kind of guy. Maybe I'm looking for the needle of news in a haystack of awfulness. But when a team loses it's second-leading scorer/third-leading rebounder, it's going to hurt. When a guy who's notoriously injury-prone gets banged up, it's going to stay with him. When you can come out and paste a team after those two things, it builds up belief in yourself. Yes, the Milwaukee game was unfortunate. But when you've got no quality height going against Andrew Bogut, it's not going to end well. And I'd be willing to bet on the Heat at home against the Bucks tomorrow. And yesterday's game highlights Miami's ability compared to its comparable teams based on record. Milwaukee's the team directly behind it on the standings, and the Heat nearly beat that team without Michael Beasley on the road. I like their chances going forward. Here's my overall issue, I guess. I'm venturing off to watch Lakers/Celtics this afternoon with my good friend and crazy Celtics fan Pete (you heard him on the podcast many months ago. We'll be doing it again soon!). He's going to be watching an amazing game of two top-flight teams. Of course Lakers/Celtics is bigger than anything else in the NBA, but I just don't feel like Miami's been involved in any truly big games in a long, long time. I guess that players and expectations create that, but it does feel repetitive playing these game sin the dead of winter with no real consequences. Random rant, I acknowledge, but just want to get your feelings on these games.