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So...yea...Boston Celtics edge Miami Heat in overtime, 112-106

This wasn't the Lakers game. This was worse. It wasn't the game's best player throwing up and hitting on a prayer. It was a well-drawn-up play executed well against a poor defense. It wasn't luck or the gods; it was the Heat itself that caused that loss. Dwyane Wade did his best. He did something we haven't seen in a while; he took over. 44 points on the night, tied with David Lee for the most points in a loss this season. The team in general looked really sharp on the night. But one play and that all goes away. You can point any number of fingers. Dwyane Wade should have pulled up on his final layup slightly, ensuring there's no time left. Quentin Richardson should have guarded the inbound a little tighter. Mario Chalmers should have guarded his man a little looser. In the end, execution won out. And isn't that what you ultimately want to see? The team that outexecuted the other one. It just sucks when you're team is the one that gets outdone.