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Heat get sweet revenge: Miami outlasts the Phoenix Suns, 109-105

It doesn't seem like to long ago, does it? Miami was 3-0, and looking to fatten up against a team that struggled mightily last season. Instead, the Heat took a paddlin'. That win took a little luster off the season, and Miami's been stuck right around .500 ever since. Of course, I'm not blaming one early win on Miami's mediocrity. And the Suns now look like a much more respectable foe than they did in November. Which makes Friday night's win all the more enjoyable. It was a lot of Wade plus his teammates backing him up in the fourth, which has become the recipe for big success for this team. Carlos Arroyo went from solid starter to riding the pine in 24 hours. Honestly, I wasn't super impressed with Rafer Alston. Now, I'm not throwing him under the bus after spending one day with the team, but those of you out there who want to credit this win to Skip, pump your brakes. Mario Chalmers had a much more impressive stat line to me in the time he was on the court (13 minutes, 3 points, 3 assists, 1 rebound) than Alston (34 minutes, 3 rebounds, 4 assists, 1 steal). Again, I'm not sanctifying Chalmers and damning Alston, but don't play the result here. Alston should improve, and Chalmers wasn't half bad. The road gets a bit softer now, as the team heads to Los Angeles to take on the Clippers. The road trip's an up-and-down mix of games, but I think Miami can finish .500 or better on it. We'll see. Enjoy the possible snow, Miamians.