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Training Camp Day 3: Apparently, there is enough ball to go around

It only took a few days, but Erik Spoelstra finally began to work on offense with his team.  You'd think that a team featuring the guys that the Heat have wouldn't take a whole lot of work on that side of the floor, but it's still something that needs to be done.  While the majority of the scoring will come from the big 3, we still need other guys to contribute. 

One of the main topics that the ‘Heat haters' have been banking on is that there isn't enough ball to go around.  Obviously the rebuttal is that these guys knew exactly what they were doing when they all signed in Miami, including the amount of ball there was to be distributed.  Said Coach Spo:

"What I've noticed in the five practices, just the idea of moving the ball and playing unselfishly, that's already there.  That's not something we even have to stress.  So the other things, where we place people, that is a much easier process."

I've really tried to downplay in my head what this team can do, just in an attempt to stay objective.  When I do allow myself to get sucked into being a fan, which I was long before I started blogging, I get pretty excited.  The roster is amazing, but the way they came together is something that should get talked about for a long long time...but might not because of the overwhelming hatred out there towards the Heat.

When the subject of winning games comes up, I feel like there is a lot of downplaying on the amount of wins that Miami could accumulate.  Considering how focused these guys are, how serious they are about winning, the amount of below average teams there are in the NBA...realistically, if the Heat come to play every night, there are only a handful of teams that can compete with them. 

They might not do it this season, but I'm willing to bet that they will break the Bulls 72-win record in the next three years.  The more I wrap my brain around it, the more I feel like it's just the logical conclusion.  Talent, effort, camaraderie, support...unparalleled. 

Getting back to camp, here are a couple other notes from Thursday.  Apparently Juwan Howard is impressing a lot of people up in the panhandle.  A combination of being in great shape and his ability to adapt and lead is turning heads.  I'm looking forward to seeing what he can do come Tuesday's game at the AAA. 

The general consensus among the players is that being up in Fort Walton is helping out with the team chemistry.  When practice is over, they still hang together.  I know it's only been a few days but I don't see how things could be going any better.