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Mayor Carlos Alvarez makes big factual error in ESPN letter

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Let me preface this by saying this is not in any way a shot on ESPN. It's a shot on an elected official who should have someone proofreading his letters before they get sent off. Miami-Dade County mayor Carlos Alvarez penned/typed a letter for the start of ESPN's new blog, The Heat Index. Perhaps you've heard of it? Just kidding, of course. Anyway, it's a very nice letter (which was part of a pretty nice roll-out of the new ESPN site) about how the sports-fan side of Mayor Alvarez went from an immigrant child who grew up on loud games at the Orange Bowl to celebrating and officially welcoming the arrival of LeBron James, Chris Bosh and others to play alongside Dwyane Wade. It's very nice, and a good message for the Heat fan. It's homer-y, but if there's one person who should be homer-y, it's the mayor. But there's a problem. It's a small problem, but anyone who claims to have familiarity with the Heat, as the mayor does, should have recognized the issue right away. From the letter:
It seems like just yesterday that we were celebrating the Heat's first "12-strong" NBA championship down Biscayne Boulevard. With the start of the 2010 NBA season about to tip off, we are prepping Biscayne for another ticker-tape parade … and another … and another.
CLICK TO ENLARGE Apparently the mayor has misplaced his commerative DVD's of that championship. Pat Riley's slogan for those particular playoffs was "15 strong" to signify the strength of the entire team, from the first player to the 15th player, that was needed to win a title. If you were a Heat fan at that time, that mistake should hit you in the face. Now, for those of you not aware, Mayor Alvarez is currently facing a recall effort from auto mogul and local gadfly Norman Braman (you might recognize that name from the Philadelphia Eagles, or from trying to stop the Marlins' new stadium). A numerical error in a letter to ESPN surely isn't as important as anything the mayor does for the county in any given day. But considering Scott Brown might be a senator because Martha Coakley took an ill-advised shot at Red Sox hero Curt Schilling and the GOP took lots of joy in mocking John Kerry's recollections of "Lambert Field" and "Manny Ortez," sometimes these trivial sports things do matter. Especially in the storm this Heat thing has touched off; a storm which is only likely to grow as the opening tip-off approaches. Only time will tell. Of course, as the franchise of "Stay White" and "Wade Jones", we know a thing or two about butchering stupidly obvious things.