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OK, I'm back on board with Dan Gilbert (UPDATE: Never mind)

The last time we checked in with Dan Gilbert, it was mid-July, and he was busy melting down in front of the world, scorching LeBron James in Comic Sans, the ugliest font in the world. He got bashed on this site, as on many others, not only for his harsh tone, but for his choice of font. I never thought I'd arrive to this point, or come to it so quickly, but I'm glad he chose that ugly font. Why? Because of this: There's two ways to take this. Either they're being self-righteous and reminding everyone of the letter that way, which is a really dumb thing to do, considering that attitude could really hurt the franchise long-term, or it's a fun callback joke. Maybe I'm naive, but I'm choosing the latter. While LeBron will have to deal with 20,000 booing fans in December, I'll be chuckling at the silly font on the court. UPDATE 9:30 p.m. 10/14/2010: Never mind. This has been on the court for a while now. Which I guess means Gilbert's love of Comic Sans didn't start in July. That's even lamer. (h/t commenter Jake)