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ReHeat: N.O. Hornets (1-2) prevail over the Miami Heat (2-2) 90-76

  • It's the preseason so need to worry much about the final score. With just Chris Bosh left standing with Wade and LeBron sitting this game, the Heat were still in this one despite Bosh playing only 23 minutes. They outscored the Hornets in the third quarter 36-19 which means Bosh alone had one more point in the quarter than the opposing team combined.
  • Bosh was unstoppable after halftime, using a combination of post moves and mid-to-long range jumpers that made him practically un-guardable as the primary option on offense. I half expected him to start draining 3-pointers midway through the quarter. An especially nice post move saw him pivot inward towards his defender with his "wrong" foot which gave him enough wiggle room to quickly dart to the basket. He was forceful and made sure to dunk the ball when shot-blocker Emaka Okafor was nearby. You'd like to see more than 5 rebounds but he did play limited minutes.
  • Patrick Beverley certainly made a name for himself on and off the court in the absence of Carlos Arroyo and Mario Chalmers. After taking a blow from Hornets guard Chris Paul and needing stitches to his forehead, he was thought to be done for the night. But in a move sure to impress Pat Riley, he returned in the third quarter and was part of the squad that brought the Heat back into the game and taking a lead after falling behind by 16 at the half. A sure sign of his craftiness is that he continues to grab rebounds, 5 of them in this game, though he's usually the shortest player on the court. More importantly, he stuck to Chris Paul and never let the All-Star get his game going. In fact, Beverley outscored him by two points.
  • Though Marcus Thornton is definitely a lamentable Heat draft pick that got away, he didn't do much against the Heat in this one with 2 baskets and 2 rebounds to his name.
  • Kenny Hasbrouck's days seem to be numbered, though the Heat may not cut him just yet because of Arroyo and Chalmers continuing their battles with injuries. He had his moments against players of his level of talent in Summer League but his shots aren't falling (1-11, including 0-6 beyond the arc), is an unimaginative ball-handler and he just isn't tall enough or powerful enough to get quality shots off NBA players. He does have talent but he would be best served playing in Europe instead of the D-League playing a role much like Trajan Langdon does for CSKA Moscow. I can definitely see Hasbrouck thrive in Greece or Spain.
  • Joel Anthony is simply not getting it done. I can see him getting some quality minutes as a backup but this has to be worrying Heat fans. He didn't even crack 20 minutes on a night where he's once again exerting himself consistently to block tough shots and only has 3, which is the same amount of rebounds. How many times have we seen Dwyane Wade get 3 blocks in a game while doing everything else to lead his team to victory. All Anthony has to do is grab rebounds and contest shots but not necessarily block every one of them. It would be great if he could also catch and finish consistently but even that would have been secondary to what he brings to the defensive end of the floor. At this point it would be wise to get back on the phone with Erick Dampier's agent again and give more minutes to Dexter Pittman to see if he can develop quicker than what was projected.