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Kenny Hasbrouck & Shavlik Randolph cut, 16 players left

The Miami Heat have cut both Kenny Hasbrouck and Shavlik Randolph who were both late season additions last season that also participated for the Heat in summer league. The roster now stands at 16 which sets up a final roster spot battle between Patrick Beverley and Da'Sean Butler, although the possibility remains that Jamaal Magloire could be cut in favor of youth and promise (which wouldn't be Pat Riley's style). The question is whether Dexter Pittman, Joel Anthony, Juwan Howard and Zydrunas llgauskas are enough in the middle with Chris Bosh and Udonis Haslem also capable of playing heavy minutes in that spot as well. Magloire has barely played this preseason (as has Pittman and Howard) and he was only used for 5 minutes in one game of the first round postseason series against the Boston Celtics. Butler remains sidelined due to injury which oddly gives him a better chance at getting a roster spot. If he was playing on the court than the coaching staff could immediately see whether he'd be good enough but his inactivity has the Heat letting themselves be seduced by his potential. Long considered a first round pick as a player for the University of West Virginia before his gruesome knee injury, Butler has an excellent chance to play the role of instant offense off the bench for the Heat when he recovers by midseason and his development as an NBA player two or three seasons down the line could pay huge dividends. Beverley continues to impress in the preseason with his defensive skills and work ethic despite his limited offensive game. Though he is unselfish and you want to see that in a young point guard, it's almost to a fault when he's giving up good looks to the basket. Beverley has shown three-point range and a knack for getting to the free throw line though. Most surprisingly, his rebounding has been a nice bonus and certainly helps to recall how Rajon Rondo has a knack for always being near the ball and never giving up on a play regardless of height. Which of these three players would you cut to get the roster down to 15?