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Preseason game #8: Orlando Magic (7-0) vs. Miami Heat (3-4)

D-Wade returns to the Heat today
D-Wade returns to the Heat today

Use this post as your Open Game Thread.

The news of the day is that Dwyane Wade has been cleared to practice and will join the rest of the Heat today in St. Petersburg.  While nobody is predicting that he'll play in the game against Orlando, you never know.  Just the fact that he's been cleared to play is good enough for me.

One thing that could have a big impact on this game is the condition of the court.  The arena is home to the NHL's Tampa Bay Lightning, who played there last night.  The ice, which is being covered by the hardwood, has been making the court very very slippery. 

It was so bad this morning that the Magic had to postpone their shootaround and coach Stan Van Gundy went so far as to call the court's condition "not playable".  I imagine they'll get things fixed by game time tonight, but considering that it's the last preseason game combined with the potential court problems, I doubt we'll see many of either teams starters tonight. 


  • The Magic have won 21 straight preseason games.
  • The Heat are 1-0 this preseason in neutral location games. 

Tipoff from the St. Pete Times Forum will be at 7:30, assuming no new puddles form on the court between now and then.