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Miller Time will have to wait until January

Mike Miller underwent hand surgery Friday to repair a broken ligament on the thumb of his shooting hand (right) and is expected to be out until January. He will be in a cast for about four weeks and will then resume therapy. Miller had suffered the injury in a freak accident during Wednesday's practice when his thumb got caught in the jersey of a teammate. Internal talks within the organization continue over whether to bring in outside help to address the sudden loss of one of the more versatile players on the squad. Miller has an injury history that includes a twisted ankle in the last home preseason game as well as separating his shoulder during a game last season while playing against the Heat as a member of the Washington Wizards. Dwyane Wade has rejoined the team in Tampa and is expected to practice with the team over the weekend in anticipation of Tuesday's regular season opener against the Boston Celtics. 15-man rosters must be finalized the day before regular season starts.