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Video Recap HD: Miami Heat vs Atlanta Hawks

In today’s episode of Hot Hot Hoops HD: With the game against the Magic cancelled, we attempt to quench our thirst for Heat basketball with a recap of the loss against the Hawks. Background music for a laid back Sunday provided by Dam-Funk’s "The Sky is Ours".
  • Bosh can be quite efficient in the high post where he gets the chance to showcase his triple threat repertoire. Not sure why he’s not being featured more often as a focal point in the offense, especially with Wade out.
  • With the absence of Wade or Mike Miller at shooting guard, James Jones was left to guard Joe Johnson in a one-sided match netting predictable results. Johnson dropped buckets at will, finishing with 27 points and a game high 6 assists.
  • Mike Bibby, at age 32, gave fits to the Chalmers-Arroyo-House tandem. Mike made shots coming off screens, zipped no look passes, and overall dominated the offensive matchup at point guard. If Mike Bibby can do such harm, what will Derrick Rose do? Still questioning Beverley’s DNP in a pre-season game like this.
  • The Heat are obviously lacking in width in the frontcourt. Josh Smith and Al Horford simply bullied their way into baskets and rebounds.
  • Lebron James scored a game high 38 points. More importantly, 13 points resulted from getting to the line.
  • Joel Anthony was once again counterproductive with a blocked shot leading to a transition basket and 5 rebounds, offset by 3 personal fouls and 3 turnovers.
  • Jason Collins was about 2 inches away from being on every child's wall save for his hard foul on Chris Bosh. Smart man that Collins.
  • Eddie House has not skipped a beat, excellent at movement without the ball and setting himself in his favorite spots to nail his signature long range bombs. Unfortunately, the same can be said for his defense.