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Video Recap HD: Miami Heat at Boston Celtics - What Just Happened?

In this episode of Hot Hot Hoops HD: It’s easy to criticize and over-analyze anything in hindsight. Much harder to stay constructive or positive. We’re going to do both anyway with a side of "fun". Recap to the tune of Thrice’s "All The World is Mad" to commemorate the comical overreaction from the masses. The Good 0:08 Lebron’s form has actually improved. His feet are set, good height, swift follow through. Not as unstoppable as a Kevin Durant shot, but close. 0:15 Bosh takes advantage of the 8 year difference and gets past KG. Not the ideal spot to be a threat but encouraging to see. 0:23 Solid Lebron post play. All power, no finesse, but effective nonetheless. An unfortunate miss. 0:31 Wade drive draws all five Celtics, leaving Jones and Lebron open. Jones misses but the execution was proper. 0:41 Superb man to man defense from Lebron on Pierce. If he so desires, he could conjure a defensive nickname to shut down the Black Mamba. LeBamba? (Representing 305) 0:45 House with the lockdown defense on Rondo. A rare sighting indeed, but with positive signs of his veteran anticipation. 0:51 Lebron points and communicates to his teammates to help on Allen. Team needs more of that C word. 0:57 Great vintage Heat play with Wade coming off a screen for the jumper (miss). 1:06 More savvy from the veteran creating the turnover and a fast break score. Better choice would be the pass to Wade to get him going with an easy bucket. 1:15 Wade and Co running, running, running = goodness. 1:25 More Lebron/Bosh pick-and-pops please. 1:32 Great execution, unfortunate miss. 1:40 More excellent movement off the ball from House in search of his sweet spots. His skill is natural, but most important is that Lebron knows where to find him. 1:45 As Lebron brings up the ball to midcourt, Pierce gets a Haslem-House-Big Z sandwich, taking him off Lebron and ultimately creating an open shot for Jones. Unfortunate miss, again. 1:53 Wade/Bosh pick-and-roll. Why not more of this? Beats me. 2:01 Eddie House instead of Arroyo on the floor? Weapon. 2:11 Nothing more beautiful than The Warrior taking a charge from his former teammate. 2:19 The pass that leads to the pass that leads to the easier basket! Such sweet words for coach Spoelstra. 2:27 With a tall backcourt trio, the opposing point guard (Rondo) is left to guard the shortest opposing player (Wade), causing a mismatch beneficial to Heat. More please. 2:34 Wade makes a run to the basket, drawing a defender and leaving James Jones open for a three. Which is missed. Again. Epilogue: Dwyane Wade was not Dwyane Wade, the Heat finished with 17 turnovers and 15 assists, started with a 9 point quarter, had the first NBA game on the court together, and Plan B aka Miami Cavaliers had to be unleashed. All against the well-seasoned Eastern Conference champions in a game that got as close as 3. The kids are all right. The Bad 0:08 Play run for Chris Bosh in the mid-post, nerves+Hall of Fame defense gets to him, attack results in Joel Anthony with the ball. Seldomly good. Lebron James to the rescue. 0:21 Second try, offense stagnates as everyone looks at Bosh not face up, which he’s best at. 0:29 Lebron throws away a pass that would be best served thrown inside. 7 minutes of playing time together in an NBA game at this point. 0:32 Arroyo gets left in the dust by Speedy Rondales, creating the Shaq-oop. 0:39 Rondo does a mind trick and gets Bosh and Arroyo to screen themselves, ultimately resulting in a Pierce three. 0:51 Lebron takes a hesitant shot since the wide open point guard to his left can’t shoot. 0:58 I’m sorry but Joel Anthony has no business feeding the ball inside to anyone. Ever. 0:63 Another Arroyo-as-spectator occasion, creating a wide open shot for Ray Allen (lucky miss) 1:09 Turnover by Lebron, credit to Rondo’s "I am bery bery sneaky" (Mr. Deeds’ Emilio voice), negated by the LBJ signature chase- down. 1:18 Lacking in communication, both Lebron and Wade run to cover Pierce, leaving Rondo open, who draws defenders which leave Ray Allen open. (Another lucky miss) 1:26 Pierce makes a beautiful drive as James Jones is seen taking out his camera to take a picture. An attempt at a block would be nice sometime. 1:37 If you’re a player, who sounds more assertive to you? The man with the raspy voice yelling at you kindly from his experienced soul? Or the young man saying "Let’s make a move, right now". I’m just sayin’. 1:49 The popsicle pretending to be Dwyane Wade takes a contested shot into the side of the backboard while Bosh was wide open for the mid-range. 1:54 Bosh is not assertive in his attack to the basket, informing Kevin Garnett to pay no mind to him and go for the steal. Success. 2:04 Steal that should result in a fast break instead results in a pass to Haslem, then to James "Anchor" Jones, and the 5 on 3 dissipating. Run DLC! Run! 2:13 Found it very amusing that Eddie House tries to bank this off the glass. Made me "LOL". 2:15 Wade looks disinterested in running a marathon and chasing Ray Allen. Three-pointer by Ray. 2:23 Never good when the opposing point guard is posting up your point guard. 2:32 Great off-the-ball screen by Joel to open the path for a Wade to Arroyo pass. However, Arroyo can neither shoot nor attack rendering the play null. 2:41 Arroyo is once again Rondo wheat toast, attracting Big Z and Bosh, leaving KG open for the jumper. 2:48 The Celtics play a Jedi mind trick and scramble the Heat defense, leading to a JO foul near the rim. 2:54 Big Baby is playing tight defense, great opportunity for Bosh drive by him with his much, much, much, much, mucho longer steps. Instead? A contested shot. 3:02 More of Rondo’s "I will eat your point guard alive". 3:12 King James isn’t perfect. Paying too much attention to Rondo, Lebron leaves The Truth open for a day-in-the-office three pointer. 3:14 Lebron picks up his dribble, sends a fax to Celtics letting them know he’s about to pass, passes to Bosh and gets intercepted thanks to Kevin Garnett’s 15ft arms. 3:20 Wade makes the Jordan-esque steal and behind-the-back save (Game 6 of 1998 Finals – Thanks @BeckleyMason) which falls to James Jones who pretends the ball is an anchor and stops the opportunity for a 3 vs 2 fast break. 3:26 I went to the Celtics vs Heat game with 46 seconds to go and all I got was this lousy t-shirt. And an ill-advised turnaround three pointer by Iceman. 3:33 "What a sequence, defensively, by the Celtics" says it all. Applies to the entire game. Epilogue: Eddie House might give up some points on the defensive end but it’s offset with his contribution on offense. Arroyo, on the other hand, does neither. With Miller out, the luxury of a Lebron-Wade-Miller backcourt evaporates, accentuating the need for a wing. Enter Stackhouse? A lot of mistakes in the first game, all expected, all correctable. Still plenty of time to tighten the screws. Except for the point guard toast situation. The Ugly