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PreHeat: Miami Heat (0-1) at Philadelphia 76ers (0-0)

  • The first game of the season for the Sixers comes against a team looking to bounce back from a close loss in Boston the night before. The Heat must play 3 games out of 4 days to open the season with Friday's home opener against the Orlando Magic looming.
  • The Heat swept the Sixers 4-0 in the regular season series last season.
  • Former Heat sharpshooter Jason Kapono may open the game guarding Carlos Arroyo. If Arroyo can't knock down the open jumper like he failed to do against the Celtics, his role on the team is severely diminished with the ball in LeBron and Wade's hands. Mario Chalmers may or may not play. Even if he does play it's clear that his ankle sprain has failed to fully heal since it occurred 105 days ago.
  • It's not certain yet whether Jerry Stackhouse will continue to be on the inactive list but after scoring 9 points in the first quarter it's clear the Heat can't afford to have a healthy gunner in street clothes.
  • Will it take 2.5 quarters again for coach Erik Spoelstra to switch to LeBron handling the ball upcourt? More and more people are wondering why the Heat can't open the game like that to allow starting a player like Eddie House or Mike Miller (once healthy) instead of an ineffective point guard.
  • Courtesy of reader Shant Garanian: The 97-98 Chicago Bulls team lost to the Celtics in Boston on opening night and then beat the Sixers the next day 94-74.
  • The Sixers are not reporting any injuries. The Heat so far only list Mike Miller as being inactive for the game.
For more on the opposition: Philadunkia Sixers starting lineup: PG - Jrue Holiday, SG - Andre Iguodala, SF - Jason Kapono, PF - Elton Brand, C - Spencer Hawes Heat starting lineup: PG - Carlos Arroyo, SG - Dwyane Wade, SF - LeBron James, PF - Chris Bosh, C- Joel Anthony