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ReHeat: Heat get first win of the season 97-87 over Sixers

  • The Heat team "finally" win a game that they were comfortably ahead for most of the time as the Big 3 showed a noticeable improvement with more cohesion over the first game. Of course, it helps when you're playing a lottery team instead of arguably the best defensive team in the NBA from one night to the next.
  • The lead of 80-54 at the end of the third quarter was a little too comfortable with Miami taking their foot off the pedal and letting the Sixers sniff an opportunity to get back in the game. LeBron James and Dwyane Wade did just enough at the end to never put the outcome at risk.
  • Isn't this LeBron's team? Wasn't that declared after the first preseason game with Wade playing 3 minutes? Is Wade still supposed to be rusty? Fact is, it's silly to make these arguments when either is more than capable of carrying their team to victory. The scary thing is when the two finally click and can dominate the same game together.
  • Good to see James Jones come through in Mike Miller's role as the sharpshooter taking advantage of the defense focusing too much on the Big 3 and leaving the others wide open. Once Miller, a far more complete player in every regard, can come back and get his jumper back it will give the Heat a huge edge with his versatility. But Jones was a revelation with his three-point prowess. He was a perfect 3 for 3 from the corner and 2 of 5 slightly to the left of the basket. Even his defense was average.
  • LeBron had 9 turnovers for the game and 5 in the first quarter alone. As the Heat find their way expect both him and Wade to rack up turnovers as they force the action instead of letting the game come to them. LeBron's shot was off as he missed all 4 of his midrange shots and hit all 5 of his shots for the game inside the paint. Apart from one three pointer, Wade also made the rest of his shots within the paint.
  • As for Bosh, he quietly put together a 15 point, 7 rebound game on 50% shooting with a team leading +25 in +/- point differential. Udonis Haslem was invisible with foul trouble plaguing him throughout the game.
  • Carlos Arroyo picked up his game for several minutes in the second half when the Heat resembled last year's squad with LeBron sitting and Wade the primary scoring option. But he has no business starting. The Heat need someone quick like Eddie House to help the starters set the tone early in the game by storming out of the gate, creating turnovers from the opponent and being relentless on the open floor. Then Arroyo can come in and settle it down running a halfcourt offense with the second unit with one or two of the Big 3 as the primary scoring option while the others rest.
  • The Sixers bench outplayed the starters with Evan Turner, Lou Williams and Thaddeus Young leading a surprisingly talented young core. Former Heat player Jason Kapono didn't inspire any confidence starting the game even with his light assignment covering Arroyo.
  • Wade and Bosh pulled down 7 rebounds to lead the Heat with LeBron in second with 6.