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Heat in Pictures

Because of my adherence to rebellion, there will not be X and Os in these plays, but hearts and stars. Don’t even ponder questioning it. La Torta The Heat are sporadically using 2-3 players as Sandwich Artists. We can call it the Making-A-Sandwich-for-Lebron-His-Way play. It was first noticed versus the Celtics, where Lebron darts towards the basket and three Heat players make Paul Pierce the sandwich's meat. Lebron then drew the attention of Ray Allen and left James Jones wide open to miss a three.

The same concept was executed as well against the Sixers, this time with two Heat players making the sandwich.

The play ends with Lebron running over Lou Williams and getting called for an offensive foul. Not ideal results either time but there’s potential. Look out for the LeSandwich. French for The Sandwich. Hot Potato Second play of note starts with a Wade-Bosh Pick and Pop. Solid pick by Bosh, legs wide open, good timing on the rollout. Lebron goes toward the top of the key and brings Iggy with him.

Wade passes to a wide open Bosh who draws all Sixer eyes on him. The defense reacts and attempts to collapse on him. Note the respect for Arroyo, leaving him wide open already. He pump fakes, the gullible defender almost flies into the ref, then throws it back out to Wade. At this point, Arroyo could have auto-tuned a whole new single on his laptop by now. As the defense tries to adjust, Wade does the hot potato and immediately passes to a wide open Lebron.

Lebron ultimately passes to a wide open Arroyo who drains the shot. I would rather it be Eddie House or James Jones for a corner three. Is this a utopian play? It’s pretty, but it’s far from it. This amount of ball movement is encouraging to see with 4 of 5 players (completely okay since the 5th player is Joel) touching the ball. However, it’s in the opponent’s game plan to have anyone not named Wade, James or Bosh take the shot. This is both a case for a lineup without Arroyo and an example of too much selflessness (Bosh was wide open). There's a delicate balance between creating and finishing a play and the Miami Trio have an 82 game journey to find it. Quick notes
  • James Jones showed up with his marksman name tag on for this game. In the absence of Miller, Jones is getting his fair share of bomber duty. Those shots will be there for Jones, House and Miller throughout the season. When they fall, it creates a steep mountain for the opponent to climb.
  • The Heat have remained true to their defensive system. The chess pieces might be different now, but the game plan has stayed the same. Solid at this time, will get even better with time.
  • The microphones on the rims at the Wells Fargo Center in Philly are loud. Every dunk is accentuated by a boom, and all the R rated chatter can be heard clearly in the broadcast.
  • I don’t understand the prediction from ESPN experts of Evan Turner being a bust. Sure, he makes rookie mistakes, as any rookie will, but the 2nd pick in this year’s draft can flat out play.