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PreHeat: Orlando Magic (1-0) at Miami Heat (1-1)

  • 9 - 7 - 54 - 13 - 38 - 29. Lottery numbers or the point differential for the Magic's five pre-season games of Spartan-like destruction? Play the first and believe the latter.
  • The Miami Heat might be the NBA’s darlings, but the Orlando Magic are the ones entering the season in Shadow of the Colossus form. Breaking down a young Wizards team with their Swiss knife roster and deft ball movement, the Magic dominated from the start finishing with another 29 point victory last night in their first game of the season. Not surprising to see from a 59 win team whose core remained intact and saw player development during the summer.
  • If there is a test for the Heat's defense this is it. With the NBA’s most dominant big man in Dwight Howard and an army of shooters, the Heat will find themselves playing basketball carousel. The most fluent defensive rotations, timely closeouts and help defense will be required, a lot to ask from the two game old Heat. It will be taxing, it will take excellent communication, it will need their five to work as one.
  • Tonight, the Big Body Entourage of Anthony, Magloire, Howard, Ilgauskas and Pittman might be most useful having recourse in their secret weapon: 30 total fouls to give on Superman.
  • Tonight’s game will be symbolically more important to the Magic than the Heat. Orlando can send a statement as the team to beat with a victory whilst a loss shatters their dominant start and plants a mental seed of doubt in overcoming the Miami All-Stars. Whatever the outcome, this battle of titans will be a sight to see and the beginning to exquisite Floridian warfare.

Game will be broadcast on Sun Sports and ESPN at 8:00 PM EST.