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ReHeat: Orlando Magic at Miami Heat - South Beach Hospitality

Miami held its first home game of the season hosting their Florida neighbors, the Orlando Magic, in which expectations were actually met. The Magic, who were vocal about their intentions when facing the Heat, came to Miami to make a statement but forgot to bring the bacon. Final score: 96-70. Game, blouses. We were all witnesses. Quick Notes:
  • Like the Heat in the season opener against the Celtics, the Magic missed easy shots and dropped passes they are usually known to make. The team seemed lethargic after playing the night before and razzled at the Heat’s blitzkrieg. This is not to discredit the Heat, who took the defensive challenge head on and displayed their best performance so far this season. The rotations were precise, the help defense methodical and the pressure overwhelming. A combination of both a lackadaisical Magic and a purposeful Heat resulted in the game every South Floridian wanted: a 29 point blowout.
  • The nightmare on Biscayne Blvd organically grows every day as the three-headed monster begins to take shape. The Miami Trio combined for 52 points, 11 assists, 22 rebounds and 3 blocks. Most importantly, the movement on offense is becoming more fluid as they become more comfortable with each other. There was still questionable shots taken, but the improvement is clear.
  • Superman has become a handful. With the continuous evolution of his post game, which now includes a mid-range game, and his stifling defense, it would seem defeating the Goliath would prove impossible. The Miami Trio found their kryptonite in the form of swift attacks, drawing fouls, and limiting Dwight to 29 minutes on the floor as he fouled out in the 4th quarter.
  • Spoelstra went with a versatile selection at center, starting Joel Anthony and his shot blocking, backing up with Ilgauskas and his mid-range jumpers and sprinkling a little Magloire for some bruising. It worked. We call it coaching.
  • Key role players provided the extra boost needed for a blowout. James Jones continued his run of accurate bombing, the entourage of big men played to their strength, Udonis Haslem brought the intangibles and the rest of the cast contributed within their skill set. With so many tools in the shed, building Rome could take less than expected. Or at least make it a tad easier.
  • Carlos Arroyo held his own, matching Jameer Nelson’s output on a night Jameer forgot he is faster than his opponent. Like a gnat, but from Puerto Rico, Arroyo smothered Nelson at all times and invaded his personal space. Encouraging to see from the starting point guard.
  • Lebron was seen sporting a Halloween inspired look on his mouthguard with vampire teeth design and small fangs. He fittingly took the Magic’s candy and went for blood.
  • Eddie House used his jersey as storage for his mouthpiece, taking it off while shooting a technical free throw and digging for it afterwards to pop it back in. Not a pretty sight for germophobes worldwide.
  • Unfortunately there was no sighting of ex-Heat Jason "White Chocolate" Williams as he was serving his one game suspension for tugging a referee’s arm the night before against the Wizards. Not that it would’ve made a difference.
  • James Jones blocked Vince Carter. That is all.