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ReHeat: Miami Heat blow out the New Jersey Nets 101-78

We could nitpick at the Heat: LeBron James is still racking up turnovers, this time with 5 of them. Chris Bosh only grabbed one rebound, getting continuously beat by Brook Lopez (5 rebounds, 3 offensive) and Derrick Favors (13 rebounds, a whopping 10 of them offensive). Joel Anthony has an astounding 3 total points for the entire season and averaging 4.3 rebounds despite starting all 4 games. Carlos Arroyo has been slow to find his true role on offense while trying to catch up to quicker, more explosive opponents such as Rajon Rondo and Devin Harris. Mario Chalmers either has the world's slowest healing ankle or is in the dog house. Maybe both. All of that and yet the Heat barely broke a sweat dispatching the Nets in blowout fashion. LeBron and Wade were alternately brilliant in their freelancing ways but in tune with their instincts with getting their teammates involved at the right time. The Nets had their first and only lead at 2-0. For all the doom and gloom from so many NBA experts, they're one defensive stop and a timely basket from being a perfect 4-0 for the season while working overtime to smoothly incorporate Dwyane Wade into an offense that never really showed its true colors in the preseason. The bench is getting better with each game. This isn't just a three-headed monster. LeBron has his buddy Big Z there, a familiar face in the crowd where both can play off each other in a symbiotic relationship. Ilgauskas' shooting touch forces the defense to respect his game and draws them away from the basket, a good thing for the Super Trio. Eddie House continues to play the role that Vinnie "the Microwave" Johnson played for the Bad Boys Detroit Pistons, instant offense but House has also shown he can be pesky on defense and put pressure on the perimeter passers, again a good thing for the Super Trio who can pickpocket these telegraphed passes for easy steals. The only factor that could derail this already-promising season is injuries but games like this will give all the major Heat players a nice seat on the bench to relax in the fourth quarter. None of the starters were needed for more than 30 minutes and the balanced attack left only James Jones (already making a strong candidacy to be included for the 3-Point Shooting Contest) as the lone player who broke that mark by a minute. LeBron has averaged 40.3 minutes, Bosh 37 minutes and Wade 37.6 minutes for their career. Such is the dominance of the Heat that you might not have noticed Udonis Haslem is practically averaging a double-double for the season. From the other side: Nets Are Scorching