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Some initial thoughts on tonight's Heat vs Pistons game

  • The Miami Heat will be good this year. Very good.
  • But there's no need to fret over Dwyane Wade's injury or take too many conclusions away from the first preseason game for both of these teams. Not only are there several more preseason games to play, there will be plenty of regular season games early on that will give the team time to work on their chemistry and offensive system. While Spoelstra said after the game that Wade would be re-evaluated after a week, he may not see any significant time anymore before the season actually starts which is a shame but shouldn't be any sort of sign that all the talk this summer about injury concerns for this team is an actual threat.
  • Face it, any NBA team would be in deep trouble without their star player but the Heat can afford the luxury of still having Chris Bosh and LeBron being more than enough in limited action against the Pistons, who showed very little against a surprisingly already-cohesive Heat team defense. Spoelstra trotted out some interesting lineups throughout the game that further illustrated how versatile this roster truly is with secondary players often switching positions.
  • One concern for the Heat is that the players not named Bosh, Wade and LeBron don't just stand around and watch those three play. Perhaps it's because training camp was focused heavily on defense but players like Chalmers and Arroyo who will now have less of a creative workload with LeBron by their side need to stay active off the ball regardless to create scoring opportunities for themselves and others.
  • Udonis Haslem may not have been the first or the second guy off the bench but nevertheless got his double-double anyway with an efficient 6-9 shooting for 14 points while grabbing 13 rebounds, 4 of which were on the offensive end. Mario Chalmers may still be limited from his ankle injury but had a game high 7 assists. Dexter Pittman notched 8 points and 4 rebounds in a convincing tryout for the backup center position.
  • Bosh, Wade and LeBron combined for 40 points despite playing only 56 minutes collectively on 18-32 shooting.