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I want my Heat TV: Preseason game gets huge numbers

Most people are expecting record-setting performances from the Miami Heat in the coming years. But a shocking record was set Tuesday night, and it was done by fans at home. From a Sun Sports press release:
The Miami HEAT started the season with record rating on Sun Sports, and a 105-89 win over the Pistons last night (10/5). The game pulled in a 6.5HH RTG in the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale market, making it the highest rated preseason HEAT game ever on Sun Sports, and their highest-rated game since 1998, when a post-season game pulled in a 7.1HH RTG (4/24/98 vs. Knicks). Last night's game peaked at an impressive 7.9HH RTG from 9:15-9:30pm.
The Heat haven't had a higher-rated game on Sun Sports in the decade of the 2000s. The decade which brought Shaq. The decade which brought Wade. The decade which brought a championship. How the hell did a preseason game outdraw that? I get it's a larger-than-life preseason game, but still. And what kind of number is going to come against Boston? I seek not to jump to conclusions one game into the preseason (unlike some other people), but it doesn't matter which way you slice it, it's a massive number for a regional broadcast of a preseason game.