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On reflecting, apologizing and stepping back

There are a lot of things I need to write on. It's been a very busy week around here, not even counting the fact that the preseason has started. First, and most importantly, I was out of line. Way out of line. And I need to apologize for that. I still have philosophical differences with what is happening with the Heat's affiliate on the TrueHoop Network, but I let personal anger come out publicly, and it was incredibly wrong. It's always a mistake to write angry (as thousands of break-up letter writers can attest to) and I did it. Second, and almost as importantly, what I wrote Monday was mine and mine alone. Any feelings the post may have aroused should be directed at me, not at the blog. What I did reminds me of another recent South Florida situation. The Miami Herald's former FIU beat writer publicly and angrily resigned his position, leaving a long diatribe on his way out. At the time, I thought he was classless and stupid for what he did, insulting the people who brought him aboard and gave him a chance. And I pretty much did the same thing. I was classless and stupid. And I apologize for that. I also didn't give enough thanks and credit for the 15 months I spent on the network. It was, and continues to be, an amazing opportunity. I got to it a little near the end of my rant, but Kevin Arnovitz and Henry Abbott are authentically good dudes. What Henry started, and Kevin has helped bring along with him, is an amazing thing and a great step forward for NBA coverage. As Kevin once said to me, the next generation of NBA writers won't be cub reporters at newspapers, they will be writers at places like the blogs on the TrueHoop Network. As for The Heat Index. I've gotten some notes of support and comments saying that people are going to not read it and instead stick with Hot Hot Hoops. That's simply silly. As I also said in the post on Monday, Michael Wallace and Brian Windhorst are fantastic writers, and Heat fans are lucky to have quality reporters like them covering the team. And with Kevin and Henry heavily involved with The Heat Index' development, it's going to be great. The Internet isn't about closed systems, where people pick a site and stick to it. The Internet is about sharing, not silos. It is so easy to subscribe to an RSS feed or bookmark a site that visiting 10-20 Heat pages can be done before your morning coffee is ready. I just hope that those who really like The Heat Index (which I imagine will be many) also spend some time around Hot Hot Hoops. I wish Henry and Kevin, their endeavor in South Florida, and everything associated with the TrueHoop Network (which is populated with guys just as good as Kevin and Henry), all the luck in the world. And now on to news of a Hot Hot Hoops nature. I'm going to be stepping back from HHH for a while. I'll still be around, and I'm still going to contribute, but as I wrote Monday, my schedule is an incredible grind. Surya Fernandez is a fantastic writer and an asset to Hot Hot Hoops, and he will be running the blog on a day-to-day basis now. We will all be better off for it. I had been thinking about this for a few weeks now, and given what's happening, it seems like the best move. It's a funny coincidence that another blog founder on the TrueHoop Network, Graydon Gordian, made the same decision on the same day. His announcement was handled in the tone he has set with his blog, 48 Minutes of Hell: quality and class. It's something I'm hoping to slightly recreate in this post, and something that is completely devoid in Monday's post. What Graydon is doing is what I'll be doing. Still contributing, but stepping back and allowing someone who's busted their ass use their talent to an even greater degree. So I guess that's it for now. As always, thank you everyone for visiting, reading and adding to this blog. The more things change, the more things stay the same. Hot Hot Hoops will still be here, and will be even better going forward. Now let's get back to basketball, shall we?