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Weeks 1-3 Approval Rating

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Now that we're a few weeks into the season, I'm going to start a rolling post that will give us an idea of how everybody is feeling about the job that Erik Spoelstra is doing. I feel like the majority of fans have been very critical of Coach Spo, and while I may not agree it's still something that I'd like to gauge throughout the season.

Along with tracking the general consensus of the fans, I'm hoping that we can some specific answers as to why people are feeling that way. I know some people feel like the Heat's offense is lacking thus far, some feel the roster isn't being managed properly, or the minutes given to each player...whatever it is, there always seems to be something.

While this is obviously something that is intended to allow you guys to discuss and debate, please keep in mind our community guidelines. I enjoy what most of you have to say in the comments and I'd like to keep it that way. Every so often (could be weekly, bi-weekly, etc.) I'll pop one of these posts up to see where everyone is at.